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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers about Acupuncture

Over 35 states, including California, regulate acupuncturists as health professionals.

Acupuncture is an accepted treatment in alternative care in the United States.

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

You can look forward to results for conditions such as: Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Depression, PMS, Stress, Headaches, Digestive problems, and Asthma. The list is expanding every year as more research data support what the ancients already knew about the wide-ranging capacity of Oriental Medicine with illnesses.

What Signs Should l Notice of Me Getting Better?

Patients feel their body is “coming together.” They experience general sensation of well being, more clarity of thought, improved memory, improved sleep, more energy, improved digestion, better bowel movement, and increased performance at work and exercise. The quality of life is enhanced and the life itself is more enjoyable. There is no side effect from acupuncture treatments: one improves in health or there is no change.

When Should l Start Noticing Changes?

Each person is different from one another through physical make-up, personality, background, and the combinations of health problems. Each human frame is wonderfully complex and the individual has unique health needs. Generally and often earlier, it takes about six acupuncture treatments to understand what course of treatments the body is in need of and to come to a clearer diagnosis.

How Long Should l Be Treated?

The goal is to help eradicate the root/cause of the illness. With acupuncture and Chinese herbs often combined, the usual course of treatment is a few months to effect a most balanced state of health as possible. Thereafter, patients make regular visits every few weeks to maintain optimal health.

At Ki Acupuncture in Santa Carita (Canyon Country,we believe in treating the underlying cause of a condition -not just the symptoms- which is the primary focus of traditional Asian medicine.